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Golden: Nordic Games picks up Desperados and Silver

24 Jun 2013 by Tim McDonald
Golden: Nordic Games picks up Desperados and Silver


Not content with grabbing titles like Darksiders and Red Faction from THQ, has expanded its list of titles further by buying and from Atari.

Desperados was a pair of Wild West stealth-strategy games from the 2000s, while Silver was a 1999 action-RPG. Both were pretty decent, and both are – quite honestly – titles I never thought I’d hear about again. Oh, and both series are also available on GOG, if you’re at all interested.

Considering that Nordic Games picked up a whole load of THQ licenses (over 50 titles, apparently) we’ve got to wonder whether the company actually has any plans for these titles as of yet. Seems unlikely that they’re working on a sequel for every IP they’ve picked up, after all; they might still be at the point of evaluating their options and just creating as broad a portfolio as they can.

Still, I’d personally love to see another Silver; I have genuinely fond memories of getting it for my birthday back in that strange, pre-2000 era. Plus, there are all sorts of possibilities for a groan-worthy title change with the sequel. Maybe call it Gold or Platinum.

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