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City watching with the Watch Dogs WeareData site

27 Jun 2013 by Paul Younger
City watching with the Watch Dogs WeareData site


To prove the point that we’re all in some way being tracked in the world today with snazzy tech like mobiles and CCTV, Ubisoft launched their Watch Dogs WeareData site which can be best be described as a black Google map with extra bits of info bolted on.

Right now the site tracks three major cities, London, Paris and Berlin, providing information such as tracking where the underground is, CCTV camera locations, crime and unemployment stats, and even where there are public bicycles.

Posts from Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram and Twitter are also being tracked for each city if you really want to hear what someone had for lunch or what a fab time they are having while you are staring at a screen.

It’s actually a very nicely put together website that consolidates information that’s publicly available. Is it useful? No not really, but it’s a good way to kill a few minutes.

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