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Zeno Clash 2 patched to improve FOV

3 May 2013 by Peter Parrish
Zeno Clash 2 patched to improve FOV
Ghat is back

has been out in the wild since Tuesday, and quite a few players were unimpressed with the narrow FOV (Field of View) provided by the game. This was sometimes an aesthetic complaint, but more often than not the FOV was making people feel unwell while playing the surreal, first-person brawl-em-up title.

Obviously you don’t want people feeling all nauseous while playing, so developers ACE Team worked through their 1 May holiday (it was International Workers Day) and have released a patch.

The update to 1.01 should automatically download through Steam and adds a ‘wide’ FOV option in the menu. It also opens up “DefaultGame.ini” for people to tweak the FOV further if they wish. Messing about with it too much might make some of the animations look a bit odd, but the option is there.

In addition to the FOV, the patch fixes the following bugs:

– Fixed non-progression after saving the 2-headed chimera/baboon.
– Fixed non-progression getting stuck in the prison.
– Fixed Ally AI navigation bug.
– Added resolution dependant font scale.
– Removed radial blur from jogging speed.
– Fixed Monster Combo Achievement.
– Fixed voice chat bug.
– Fixed multiple Deadra and Henae spawning in Coast fight.
– Fixed Thiloc doors closing when re-entering level.
– Fixed night music bug in first level.
– Highlight for main menu ‘Tutorial/Prologue’.
– Increased Ally HP and reduced respawn time.
– Fixed Titan position not correct for client.
– Fixed sliding players when in pre-death position during coop.
– Fixed talk icon over invisible characters.
– Added quest arrow over chain-owner’s head after defeating Oorsi.

I’ve been punching my way through Zeno Clash 2 over the past couple of days, so watch for the review on IncGamers early next week. There’ll also be an IncGamers Plays of the game’s co-op mode popping up over the weekend.

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