The Virtuix Omni Kickstarts on 4 June – One to watch for VR fans

24 May 2013 by Paul Younger
The Virtuix Omni Kickstarts on 4 June – One to watch for VR fansVirtuix Omni

Virtuix Omni

Putting together an amazing setup could get pricey, there’s quite a few pieces of kit you’re going to need to get the best experience possible. The  is a piece of hardware that would be an essential buy for a more immersive experience.

The Virtuix Omni has been in development for a few months now and this treadmill tracking device is something you strap yourself into and actually walk, run, jump, crouch or strafe to move. It’s actually quite an impressive piece of engineering which comes into its own when coupled with the and a .

The Omni can also be dismantled and stored, so when the relatives pop round for tea, it can be discreetly hidden away. As long as it works out the box like they say it will, it won’t end in the attic with the exercise bike and rowing machine.

Virtuix are going to be launching their Kickstarter campaign for the device on 4 June, and if the success of the Rift campaign is anything to go by, it shouldn’t take long for Virtuix to reach the funding goal, depending on what that is of course.

If VR is your new hobby then make sure there’s plenty of cash in the bank, with all these VE gadgets appearing again it could get expensive.

A cool device or another gimmick? Watch the trailer below.

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