Son of Nor reaches funding goal

31 May 2013 by Paul Younger
Son of Nor reaches funding goalSon of Nor

Son of Nor

The latest game to reach its funding goal on Kickstarter is Stillalive Studios’ 3rd person action adventure . The game will have players fighting back the evil reptilian horde called the Sarahul in single player or co-op mode while solving puzzles with “force abilities” such as spells, terraforming and telekinesis.

After weeks of seeking support, the game managed to raise $151,175 by the close of play last night. The team were looking to reach the target of $150K so it looks like it was a close call after 2200 backers parted with their cash.

The developers are now sinking their efforts into getting the game complete and it has also launched on Steam Greenlight.

We are thrilled, delighted and very grateful for the support we have received in making our Kickstarter a success. The team have been overwhelmed by the positive comments and the amount of people that have come out to back our final stages of development for Son of Nor.” Said Julian Mautner, CEO, stillalive studios. ”We have Son of Nor live on Steam Greenlight now and we are hopeful those who have got behind us on Kickstarter, as well as Steam users and other gamers, will support us and vote here too.”

With 25% of the game now complete, it’s expected to release some time in Q2 2014.

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