Remedy address Alan Wake fans, launch Humble Wake bundle

22 May 2013 by Peter Parrish
Remedy address Alan Wake fans, launch Humble Wake bundle


Remedy fans had a mixed response to yesterday’s news that the developer was working on Quantum Break for the Xbox One, rather than a new title. A new game from the company should be good news, but there’s also a lot of love out there for the Wake series.

In response, Remedy’s Sam Lake (who you’ll probably recognise as the original face of Max Payne) has recorded a video explaining the decision. Alan Wake, he says, was a slow seller at first, but picked up to become a “cult classic.” The team wants to make more Alan Wake games, but only at the right time and with the right level of funding. For now, the team has the chance to create something new with Quantum Break – but as the teaser at the end of the video suggests, they haven’t forgotten about Wake.

As well as that video, an Alan Wake Humble Bundle has been announced. It’s a pay-what-you-want deal for both the original game and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (plus their soundtracks.) Quite a tasty offer all round.

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