Marvel at Shazam’s Infinite Crisis abilities

23 May 2013 by Peter Parrish
Marvel at Shazam’s Infinite Crisis abilities

Infinite Crisis Shazam

The latest DC hero to be showcased for the forthcoming Dota-like is the artist formerly known as Captain Marvel. Apparently he’s just called Shazam now, because DC is sick of people confusing him with his mentor (the wizard named .. er .. Shazam.) Isn’t it also a bit weird that DC had a hero literally called Captain Marvel?

Well, whatever. Shazam is going to be in Infinite Crisis, complete with lighting based powers and a fair bit of speed. He can even briefly transform back and forth between his superhero identity and young Billy Batson.

Turbine’s title is due later in 2013, and sign-ups for beta are being taken now.

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