How to Survive coming to Steam – More Zombies for you

29 May 2013 by Paul Younger
How to Survive coming to Steam – More Zombies for youHow to Survive

Developer EKO Studios and publisher 505 have revealed their new game called which will be coming to Steam

Just when you thought the influx of zombie themed games had died down, this new title will have players surviving one of those now common “unexplained accidents”. Set on an a remote archipelago off the coast of Colombia players are tasked with seeking out everything essential to survival including food, water and shelter.┬áBeing stranded means that tools and weapons will also need to be crafted to help tackle the the infected hordes.

The game comes with a story mode that can be played locally or online with other players and there’s “challenge modes” to test your skills, although there’s no real detail on what these involve.

Until we hear more on the game which is due for release this autumn, check out these screens.

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