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FPS co-op slasher Hellraid comes with Game Master mode and customisation

28 May 2013 by Paul Younger
FPS co-op slasher Hellraid comes with Game Master mode and customisationHellraid

Techland recently announced a new title called which they describe as “a first-person co-op slasher”. Today they sent us more details on some of the game’s features including the Game Master.

In the information that dropped on our desks, Techland pointed out that they have created a whole new genre of game, the “first-person co-op slasher” but I would like to point out to Techland that this is in fact not a new genre. Hellraid is looking and sounding pretty much like a Hexen and Hexen 2 re-imagining with a few new bits and pieces thrown in. This is encouraging because both the Hexen titles were classics, despite the fact there was a bugged switch in Hexen 2 that stopped you progressing (some quick mod coding sorted that out). Damn that switch!

What is interesting about Hellraid is that there’s obviously a focus on co-op gameplay and Techland are adding a Game Master mode which they say is based on and paper rpgs. In co-op mode the Game Master will set challenges for players by changing numbers of enemies, loot, chests and how quests can be completed. It’s a little unclear how exactly this will work but it’s a good idea.

Following traditional RPGs, the game will feature weapon customisation and include a crafting system that all four classes (Warrior, Mage, Paladin and Rogue) will be able to master. Items can also be traded between players.

In case you were wondering, as we have mentioned co-op a lot in this and previous updates, the game is also single player.

Now on with some hellish looking new shots.





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