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Archive for 30 May 2013

Latest weekly Humble Bundle turns Telltale into selltale

PC gaming is so astonishingly cheap at the moment that I’m anticipating a point in time where the latest titles are just given away in boxes of cereal.

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Tricks of the trade route: Civilization V’s Brave New World of caravans

Civilization V’s Brave New World expansion will be introducing the magical world of trade routes to the game.

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PES 2014 teaser trailer confirms stadiums, balls, players

Yes, it’s a teaser trailer for a proper trailer (due to launch on 6 June during Konami’s pre-E3 press conference,) but since Fifa 2014 can’t even be bothered to use the latest game engine on PC, PES 2014 is what we’ll have to pin our football-related hopes on.

30 May 2013 | 1

EA removes Mirror’s Edge 2 online support page

Yet more clues that Mirror’s Edge 2 may be in the works today, as the chaps over at RockPaperShotgun note a (now removed) online support page for the game over at EA’s official site.

30 May 2013 | 1

Wicket real good: Ashes Cricket 2013 shares some screenshots

Hello Mike Atherton, hello readers. Welcome to a beautiful day here at IncGamers, where we’re anticipating a delightful set of Ashes Cricket 2013 screenshots.

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Double Fine offers you a sip from their Massive Chalice

After the breakaway Kickstarter success of the adventure game that became Broken Age, Double Fine is returning to the crowd-funding well for another drink.

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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Review

The action-RPG is having a rather bountiful season at the moment.

30 May 2013 | 4

The Flock brings asymmetrical gameplay to PC Gamers

Indie developer Vogelsap has revealed The Flock which they describe as “a new intense asymmetrical PC multiplayer” experience.

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Crysis 3: The Lost Island DLC on 4 June – New location, modes and weapons added

EA are set to release new DLC for Crysis 3 on 4 June for the PC and it comes with new multiplayer modes.

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Steam PAYDAY 2 Pre-order bonuses detailed – Beta access included

PAYDAY 2 will be releasing this August and we now have details of the bonuses available when you pre-order through Steam.

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Call of Duty Ghosts pre-orders now live on Steam

Call of Duty Ghosts gamers will be keen to get in early with their pre-orders and PC players can part with their cash now.

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