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Archive for 16 May 2013

ShinyLoot unveils indie game sale

Digital download platform ShinyLoot launched at the start of this year.

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Dota 2 and you: Confronting the most daunting title in PC gaming

Dota 2 is a scary, scary game. For new players, it has a reputation for being unapproachable and unkind.

16 May 2013 | 5

Diablo 3 devs discuss possible self-found mode and ladder

A few ARPG devs hit a charity live stream last night to discuss their games and Blizzard’s Wyatt Cheng dropped in to share some updates on Diablo 3.

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Black Ops 2′s ‘Uprising’ DLC rises up onto PC today

As was foretold by the prophets of old, the PC version of Black Ops 2′s Uprising DLC has been released today.

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Pixelbionic adds David Jaffe to team, plans Autoduel Kickstarter

Tsk, these indie guys are getting as bad as the major publishers with their announcements-of-announcements.

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Free to play FPS S.K.I.L.L.- Special Force 2 comes to Europe

Gameforge are set to publish the online FPS S.K.I.L.L.- Special Force 2 here in Europe.

16 May 2013 | 2

EA and Waystone’s MOBA title Dawngate surfaces

If DOTA 2, LOL, HON and the many other MOBA titles don’t satisfy your MOBA requirements then there’s a new kid on the block called Dawngate  which is being developed by Waystone Games and published by EA.

16 May 2013 | 2

Metro Last Light FOV can now be changed

A couple of days ago Metro Last Light developer 4A explained their reasons for not adding an option to change the FOV but promised a workaround.

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Watch the The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing TD mini-game

Neocore’s ARPG The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing will release on 22 May but did you know it features a tower defense mini-game below the city?

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Batman: Arkham Origins trailer teases trailer

When a trailer drops in called a “teaser” trailer you know what to expect, usually something that doesn’t tease very much at all.

16 May 2013 | Comments Off

No future EA titles will have an ‘Online Pass’

Someone check the first few signs of the oncoming apocalypse, because EA has (for the time being at least,) done something right.

16 May 2013 | 2

Diablo 3 Podcast Special – The first year of Diablo 3 part two

The second part of the Diablo 3 first anniversary podcast special is now available for your listening pleasure (first part is here).

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