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Archive for 10 May 2013

Defiance TV show gets second season which will air in 2014

The SyFy channel has revealed that it has commissioned a second season of the recently launched show sci-fi Defiance which is also tied to TRION’s MMO of the same name.

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Metro Last Light pre-loads and System Shock 2 now on Steam

A couple of interesting nuggets up on Steam this evening with news that System Shock 2 is now available to buy.

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Banished Interview with developer Luke Hodorowicz

Banished is a forthcoming city-building strategy title in which people are your main resource.

10 May 2013 | 4

Road Redemption surpasses Kickstarter goal with 48 hours to spare

DarkSeas Games have a reason to celebrate today, their Road Rash style title Road Redemption has reached the Kickstarter goal.

10 May 2013 | 1

Culture wars: Civilization V’s Brave New World lets you paint to victory

Pschaw sir, I laugh in the face of your armies and brandish a BRUSH at you.

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Introducing the speedy Flash in Infinite Crisis video

Warner and Turbine are back with another character profile for their upcoming MOBA title Infinite Crisis.

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Fiddling with your deck: Wargame Airland Battle explains its units

If you heard our podcast this week you’ll know that Paul managed to be temporarily bamboozled by the Wargame Airland Battle menu and lobby system.

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Enter the dragon with The Sims 3 Dragon Valley

The Sims 4 may be in the works but that hasn’t stopped another add-on for the Sims 3 being announced.

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Strike Suit Infinity Review

I quite enjoyed Strike Suit Zero. It had a few problems, but does the job in a genre that is crying out for more games.

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Go behind the scenes with new Command & Conquer dev video

A new video developer diary for the upcoming free to play reboot of the Command & Conquer series has appeared and there’s some encouraging comments from the development team in this one.

10 May 2013 | 2

Defiance Castithan race playable as paid DLC – Coming this month

In a new developer blog for TRION’s MMO Defiance,¬†Executive Producer¬†Nathan Richardsson has outlined their future plans and given details of the game’s first DLC.

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