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Will EA’s Star Wars deal take them to the Light or Dark side?

The news that Electronic Arts has just signed a multi-year license agreement with Disney to pump out some Star Wars games is proving a difficult deal to assess.

By Peter Parrish | 8 May 2013 | 3

No rollbacks for Diablo 3 auction house after gold duping

If you are Diablo 3 players then no doubt you watched yesterday’s drama unfold with the auction house gold duping exploit.

By Paul Younger | 8 May 2013 | 1

Thor hammers stuff in new Marvel Heroes trailer – Final open beta this weekend

The Son of Asgard is the subject of the latest Marvel Heroes trailer as Thor uses his mighty hammer to smash up some thugs.

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Techland releases first Hellraid trailer

The first trailer for Techland’s recently announced hack-n-slash co-op title Hellraid has surfaced today featuring some of the environments you’ll encounter along with a smattering of gameplay.

By Paul Younger | 8 May 2013 | 1

GTA V screens show Michael, Franklin and Trevor in various states of play

While we sit and wait to find out of the Grand Theft Auto V is coming to the PC, we’ll keep firing up the new shots in the assumption that it is.

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IncGamers Podcast #114

This week on the IncGamers Podcast we discuss the Return to the Return of a Return to Castle Wolfenstein with Bethesda and MachineGames’ Wolfenstein: The New Order.

By Peter Parrish | 8 May 2013 | 3

Blizzard pulls down Diablo 3 auction houses due to gold duping exploit

Earlier today when the Diablo 3 1.0.8 patch rolled out in the US, a rather nasty exploit was found with the Diablo 3 auction house system and players took advantage of it to the max.

By Paul Younger | 8 May 2013 | 3

EA’s financial report reveals net income of $98m USD for 2013

It’s been something of a chaotic year at EA, with major recent layoffs, the departure of long-term CEO John Riccitiello in March and the ham-fisted launch of SimCity earlier in the year.

By Peter Parrish | 8 May 2013 | 1

Patrice Désilets says he was fired by Ubisoft, will “fight them vigorously”

The brief reunion of Patrice Désilets and Ubisoft has ended in unceremonious circumstances today, with the former creative director of the Assassin’s Creed series claiming he was fired by the company and escorted from the building by a pair of guards.

By Peter Parrish | 8 May 2013 | 1