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Archive for 3 May 2013

SimCity mod support is “a possibilty” says Maxis’ Kip Katsarelis

Since SimCity launched, fans of the previous game have been crying out for the ability to mod the new game.

3 May 2013 | 2

GODUS alpha almost complete. Molyneux shows off features

Peter and Jack don their sunglasses in an effort to look cool on some stairs  in the latest GODUS update.

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Zeno Clash 2 patched to improve FOV

Zeno Clash 2 has been out in the wild since Tuesday, and quite a few players were unimpressed with the narrow FOV (Field of View) provided by the game.

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IncGamers Plays Star Trek

This is not your usual IncGamers Plays, but Tim had to put this together as he struggled through with Star Trek (see review).

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Star Trek Review

On Friday night, around the time I got my hands on Star Trek, I wound up cracking a tooth.

3 May 2013 | 1

Gaslight Catwoman and Poison Ivy Infinite Crisis vids

A double dose of video action from Warner and Turbine today for their DC universe inspired free to play MOBA title Infinite Crisis.

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Marvel Heroes open beta tomorrow. Watch Iron Man in action.

Tomorrow the fist beta for Marvel Heroes kicks of at 3AM BST and runs until Monday.

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RAMBO game features detailed, and a shot of the man himself

Reef Entertainment’s upcoming RAMBO game may not excite many of you but today we have more details on some of the game features along with a shot of RAMBO skulking in the woods.

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Spies take on Mercs in Splinter Cell: Blacklist trailer

UbiSoft’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist brings some more multiplayer goodness to the franchise in a 4v4 Mercs vs Spies mode.

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Souls, Coldharbour and Molag Bal in this new Elder Scrolls Online video

You know you’re in for a lot of fantasy words when a videogame video quite literally has a bearded ‘Loremaster’ in it.

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Why Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon’s compact open world is so effective

When a game is described as ‘open world,’ certain titles and expectations come to mind.

3 May 2013 | 4