The War Z servers hacked again

2 Apr 2013 by Paul Younger
The War Z servers hacked againWarZ Logo

WarZ Logo

Hammerpoint Interactive’s zombie survival game seems to attract controversy and today it’s once again the subject of hacking with news that the game’s forums and user accounts were hacked.

Despite the hacking, no user credit card information has been obtained by the hackers but login information has been nabbed including email addresses. Hammerpoint are urging players to take precautionary measures by changing their passwords right away.

According to the developers they have “engaged outside experts and investigators to assist in our investigation” and they have “committed substantial resources to that effort”. However we don’t exactly have alot of faith in the company’s security based on past history.

Earlier this year the game servers came under attack¬†and it appears to be a game that attracts unsavoury hacking attempts. If you value your information we would advise you give this game a miss, it’s pretty terrible¬†anyway and you would be better spending your time playing something else.

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