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IncGamers Podcast #109

3 Apr 2013 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast #109podcast 109

podcast 109

I’ve gathered you all here today to solve a most perplexing mystery: the case of the disappearing stealth game voice actors.

First, Michael Ironside never showed up for the forthcoming Splinter Cell, then David Hayter was suspiciously removed from Metal Gear Solid 5. Now, Stephen Russell appears to have vanished without trace from the Thief series. This is a serious problem, and the will put their best men on it.

We’ll also be rounding up our favourites from the vast pool of April Fools jokes that did the rounds earlier this week, and discuss whether the point of said day of japery is to actually fool people, or just entertain them with silliness.

In none-fooling news, TellTale Games finally broke their silence about the Fables series and teased a further installment of Poker Night. Tim is suitably excited.

For the second half of the podcast, we have a chat about BioShock Infinite. We’ve all played it. I’ve reviewed it. Here’s what we think. This part of the discussion quite quickly moves into SPOILER territory; but we do issue a warning before it happens.

Listen to the show in full, below. There are previous episodes in our archives and at iTunes.

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