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Homeworld devs launch pre-order package for new title, Hardware

27 Apr 2013 by Peter Parrish
Homeworld devs launch pre-order package for new title, Hardware

Hardware: Shipbreakers

If you’re one of the people who’s still a bit iffy about Gearbox getting hold of the Homeworld IP, it may be of interest to know that some of the original game’s creators are now over at Blackbird Interactive developing the free-to-play RTS Hardware: Shipbreakers.

Beta sign-ups are being taken, but if you want to absolutely guarantee access to that then the only way to do it is by purchasing a ‘First Wave VIP’ package.

No doubt about it though, it’s expensive at $99.00 USD. For that price, you get the aforementioned beta access and the following:

  • Unreleased high-res game concept art from Aaron Kambeitz, Rob Cunningham, and Cody Kenworthy!
  • The HARDWARE: Shipbreakers Official Soundtrack by Paul Ruskay. (when available)
  • FIRST WAVE VIP GROUP: Moderated web-chat with an “ask me anything” perspective with core team members where non-public information will be discussed.
  • SPECIAL FEEDBACK FORUM: Your ideas count!
  • STAKE YOUR CLAIM: Land naming rights to the first 2,000 FIRST WAVE VIP PACKAGES purchased.

It also includes a copy of The Prospector’s Guide, which seems like Hardware’s fancy, always-updated version of a digital manual. Blackbird describe it as “Your comprehensive guide to life on planet LM-27,” and say it contains everything “from the interactive armored vehicle catalog, to an exhaustive analysis of upgrades and combat arms.”

10,000 VIP packages are being sold, so much fast(ish.)

This Guide is available at the stand-alone cost of $49.00 USD, which seems … a little crazy (as this option doesn’t even have beta access,) but there you go. I guess that’s there as an option for showing your support for the devs with cash.

You can see more of the Guide, and Hardware, in the video below.

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