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Squeakret project: former Dreamworks man seeks funding for Ghost of a Tale

Lionel “Seith” Gallat is a chap with lengthy experience in animation.

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TRION have 150 people fixing Defiance issues and it’s 24/7

Another month, another MMO launches with problems. Trion’s sci-fi shooter TV tie-in Defiance launched yesterday but it’s not been a perfect launch,
In an update to the community today Trion’s Nathan Richardsson outlines some of the key issues players are experiencing which so far include a chat system that doesn’t function, missing pre-order items, Bossses and Arkfall scaking issues, and that good old MMO classic, connectivity problems.

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Mickey Mouse kills again: LucasArts closed by Disney

Disney has closed LucasArts and cancelled all projects currently in production, shutting the door on one of the iconic development houses of gaming history at the cost of a reported 150 jobs.

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Why Thief 4’s decision to drop Stephen Russell is a big mistake

Let’s start with a statement that should be obvious: I want Thief 4 to be amazing.

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IncGamers Podcast #109

I’ve gathered you all here today to solve a most perplexing mystery: the case of the disappearing stealth game voice actors.

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Advertising comes to SimCity with Nissan DLC. A slippery slope?

Today EA released a new piece of free DLC for SimCity, the Nissan Leaf Charging station.

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Blizzard highlights Diablo 3 1.08 multiplayer changes

Iteration on Diablo 3 continues with the 1.08 patch which we hope will hit the public test servers in the not too distant future.

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