Web-bound: Marvel Heroes announces launch date of 4 June

22 Mar 2013 by Peter Parrish
Web-bound: Marvel Heroes announces launch date of 4 JuneMarvel-Heroes


David Brevik and Gazillion Entertainment have used the occasion of PAX East to slap a release date on free-to-play action-RPG . That date is 4 June this year, with ‘early access’ (for those who’ve paid for it by joining the Founders Program) beginning on 28 May.

Anybody who purchases (or who already purchased) a $60.00 USD ‘Premium Pack’ for the game will now be entitled to join the closed beta session. For that price, you’d hope so.

Finally, there’s a new trailer in the wild showing a few classic Marvel villains rubbing their hands together and plotting world domination.

Here’s what Tim and I thought of the game when we previewed it back in December.

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