SimCity 2.0 updates outlined as team want issues resolved ASAP

28 Mar 2013  by   Paul Younger

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In a new update from the team at Maxis they have outlined some of the changes coming in 2.0.

Updates expected to arrive include fixing the recycling centre bug, fire engine clumping efficiency of street cars  and increasing the radius of river water. There are other updates planned in 2.o but these are yet to be revealed.

According to Maxis there are around 750,000 active cities being played and enough roads to circumnavigate the earth over 5000 times. That’s a lot of SimCity action.

There are still outstanding issues that Maxis need to resolve, Cheetah mode, city rollbacks and Leaderboards being some of the most obvious players are keen to get active again. These are apparently top priorities at the studio.

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