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Petroglyph launches Kickstarter for WWII arena strategy game, Victory

5 Mar 2013 by Peter Parrish
Petroglyph launches Kickstarter for WWII arena strategy game, Victory

Since it was teased last week, there’s been some curiosity surrounding Petroglyph’s WWII-based strategy title, . Today, the developer has revealed more details about the game and launched a Kickstarter campaign to rustle up war bonds … er … funds for the project.

For a more in-depth look at Victory, you’ll be wanting to read our interview.

In short, it’s not the RTS some may have expected, given Petroglyph’s pedigree. Instead, it’s a team-based, online arena type game with WWII units (infantry, tanks and the like) being controlled in an RTS fashion. However, there’s no resource gathering or base building. The tactics in this game will be all about the unit movement and placement; gaining flanking advantages, or making the most of terrain.

The matches will be designed as quick skirmishes, lasting 15-20 minutes apiece, and you’ll be able to develop and build up your forces to create a personal collection that you can select from for each conflict.

As you’ll probably be able to tell from the Kickstarter pitch, this game will have an in-game store.

In reference to this aspect, Petroglyph has told us: “Players will be able to spend real world currency on items in Victory. However, Victory is not a game about buying power – everything can be obtained by purchases with the in-game currency. It will be quite possible to be competitive without spending real money or grinding an extreme amount.”

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