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Fan created ARMA 3 video for Bohemia Introduces the series

7 Mar 2013 by Paul Younger
Fan created ARMA 3 video for Bohemia Introduces the seriesArma 3

Bohemia Interactive are utilising the talents of the community to create video guides for the tactical shooter which is now in alpha.

The first video created by Dslyecxi from the ARMA community group ShackTactical introduces you to the series and there are more to come as development of the game progresses.

Korneel van ‘t Land, Brand & PR Manager on Arma 3 at Bohemia explained why they wanted to use the community to create guides.

“The idea behind Dslyecxi’s Community Guides is simple: approach Arma 3 from a player’s perspective, highlight what’s new and what sets the series apart, and provide basic tips on how you can leverage the full potential of Arma 3. As a dedicated community member since Operation Flashpoint, Andrew pools from countless hours of experience and is able to share his enthusiasm like no other.”

New to ARMA? Watch this…

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