UK Sim City launch goes smoothly

8 Mar 2013  by   Paul Younger
Sim CitySim City

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We were waiting for the hamsters to die on the Sim City servers here in Europe when it went live at midnight but thankfully it all went well.

Logging in at midnight, a couple of patches later we were up and running. There were no queues, to crashes, it all launched as I think everyone would have liked it to have launched on Tuesday in the US.

This week has been a tough week for EA and Maxis but could there be some light at the end of tunnel? Our experience was nothing but perfect which  did surprise us after all the reported problems in the past 48 hours.

IncGamersville is now up and running and we’ll be busy playing all weekend so keep an eye on the IncGamers live stream. Here we are fumbling around after launch.

Watch live video from incgamers on TwitchTV

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