Diablo 3 rollback policy in EU and US changing to stop duping

27 Mar 2013 by Paul Younger
Diablo 3 rollback policy in EU and US changing to stop dupingDiablo 3

Diablo 3

Blizzard are finally taking the plunge in Europe and North America with a change to their account rollback policy due to duping.

Last year Asian players were offered a rollback service when the game became flooded with duped items in the region. By changing their policy in Europe and North America they are acknowledging there is a problem in the western markets too with players receiving rollbacks on accounts with the sole aim to duplicate items.

Starting on 2 April, all character equipment including weapons and armor will become bound to a restored account so the items can not be passed on to another player or onto the trading market. They can however be sold to a vendor or passed to another character on the same account.

Good to see Blizzard taking a stand on this to make life harder for Diablo 3 players who don’t like to play fair.

Source: Diablo: IncGamers

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