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Company of Heroes gets a later than planned release date

6 Mar 2013 by Paul Younger
Company of Heroes gets a later than planned release date

Company of Heroes 2 (1)

With THQ no longer on the radar, SEGA picked up the highly anticipated RTS and today SEGA as committed to a release date with Relic.

Strategy fans can look forward to the next instalment on 25 June in both North America and Europe as Relic pushes the release back slightly to “meet the high standard set by its predecessor”.

Jonathan Dowdeswell, Executive Producer of Company of Heroes 2 commented: “Our acquisition by SEGA has given us the chance to work with a new partner that has a great track record of working with long standing PC franchises, It gives us great confidence to know that we have a well aligned team working to bring the best experience we can to gamers around the world.”

Greg Wilson, Producer of Company of Heroes 2. added: “We hate to disappoint our fans with a later than expected date as we know they are eager to play but we feel that the additional time will help the team deliver the high quality sequel fans deserve. However, the wait won’t be long as players will soon be able to help us test and balance multiplayer in the upcoming Closed Beta. Details will follow shortly.”

The delay is probably good news for RTS fans, there’s usually a drought when it comes to decent games over the summer and this one could keep you out of the sun and indoors. Hooray for a lack of vitamin D.

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