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Archive for 5 March 2013

Thief 4 finally steps into the light, now just called ‘Thief’

Some of us have been waiting a long time for this one.

5 Mar 2013 | 1

Recon the Arma 3 alpha build with this sneak preview trailer

Last week Bohemia Interactive revealed the myriad ways you can sign up and pay for early access to the Arma 3 alpha session.

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Godus returns with an update and a linguistic discussion

It’s been a little while since Peter Molyneux and Jack sat down to discuss Godus, but with the project now fully backed through Kickstarter the duo have returned for another video session.

5 Mar 2013 | 1

First Space Hulk screens show gloomy corridors

Announced back in December, Space Hulk is back on gamer’s screens and today the first screenshots from the game show exactly how the game is trying to capture the essence of the board game with dark, tight and unwelcoming corridors. 

5 Mar 2013 | 1

Sim City launch not exactly going to plan

We should have been down the bookies and placed bets that the Sim City launch was not going to be smooth, despite what Ocean Quigley told us on Friday.

5 Mar 2013 | 6

Strike Suit Zero gets updated with cockpits and more

When Strike Suit Zero launched, we felt it wasn’t quite as complete as it could have been with quite a few annoying bugs to boot.

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Tactical Optics trailer

It’s time to take a look at some of the tools of the trade in a new Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 trailer.

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Far Cry 3 1.05 patch brings map beta tests, Outpost Reset and more

The v1.05 patch for Far Cry 3 has now been deployed for the PC version and include the ability for map makers to beta test maps as well as team chat in multiplayer and a host of fixes including Outpost Reset in single player.

5 Mar 2013 | 1

Petroglyph discuss Victory, their new WWII strategy title

Last week, Petroglyph quietly put up a game announcement for a project called Victory on a new Facebook page.

5 Mar 2013 | 3

Petroglyph launches Kickstarter for WWII arena strategy game, Victory

Since it was teased last week, there’s been some curiosity surrounding Petroglyph’s WWII-based strategy title, Victory.

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Just like old times: Mass Effect 3′s ‘Citadel’ DLC trailer

Looks like the gang’s (mostly) all here for one final Mass Effect 3 adventure.

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