World of Warcraft numbers decline, Blizzard “aggressively” support Diablo 3

8 Feb 2013 by Paul Younger
World of Warcraft numbers decline, Blizzard “aggressively” support Diablo 3Blizzard Logo solo

Blizzard Logo solo

Last night was the latest financial call from Activision Blizzard which threw up more big numbers and comments on how well they are doing with game such as Skylanders and Call of Duty.

Blizzard’s Mike Morhaime was also on hand to share the latest news from the Blizzard camp and he spilled the beans on the latest subscription numbers which have again taken a dip.

The current subscriber level is now sitting at 9.6 million which is slightly down on the previous quarter, and according to Mike lost subscribers are predominantly from Chine while other regions are seeing a more stable subscription base.

When pressed about the loss in players Mike put it down to the rate at which players burn through new content following a major expansion release. Blizzard will be addressing this and we are likely to see smaller more frequent content updates for WoW moving forward.

Despite snail pace development updates for , Mike said they will continue to “invest aggressively to support the franchise and the community”, which is all well and good, but they do need to pick the development pace to sort out problems with the title to keep the community playing.

In other news from the call, well it’s not really news because we know it already, they continue to work on the Blizzard All Stars MOBA title and the unannounced MMO,

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