Will Wright discusses Sim City with Ocean Quigley

22 Feb 2013 by Paul Younger
Will Wright discusses Sim City with Ocean QuigleyWill Wright

He’s got one of the coolest names in videogames and today he’s talking to the one and only Sims creator Will Wright who seems to be thoroughly enjoying Ocean’s vision for the new .

So what has impressed him so much? Will loves the presentation, the immersion and the emotional connections to the neighbourhoods. Will does mention he felt constrained by the smaller space but added that he realised that the game was more about quality than quantity, a point Ocean has highlighted when when questioned about the reduced map sizes.

Listening to Will’s reactions to the gameplay in the new Sim City, it’s obvious there’s quite a change in the game’s focus, it’s about the the people in the city as much as the construction and management of the cities. The bottom line is that Will is “delighted with the new interpretation” of the series. That’s a pretty solid recommendation for the new game.

Sim City is out on 5 March and we ‘re all getting ready to put our lives on hold for a while.

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