Undead Labs talks character in State of Decay

14 Feb 2013 by Peter Parrish
Undead Labs talks character in State of DecayState of Decay

State of Decay

Hopefully people haven’t been too burned by The War Z to give up on zombie survival games entirely, because (by Undead Labs) is looking quite interesting. It’s aiming to be a third-person action game in a dynamic open world, and as such, it’ll feature a collection of survivors; all with different characteristics and personalities.

In a new developer post at the Undead Labs site, the team details the general philosophy and design mechanics behind each State of Decay character. You won’t get to “tailor-make” anybody – instead, you’ll meet a variety of people and have to assess who to bring into your group.

The post goes extremely in-depth into how the various skills, stat points, perks and personality quirks will interact and affect one another. Give a read by heading over here.

If you missed the team’s last video (featuring burning car action,) here it is again.

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