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Star Citizen raises over eight million from backers

15 Feb 2013 by Paul Younger
Star Citizen raises over eight million from backers

Star Citizen (15)

One of the true Kickstarter and crowd funding successes has been Chris Robert’s Cloud Imperium Games  and today they revealed an astronomical figure raised so far.

As of midday today, Star Citizen has raised a whopping 8.08 million from more than 142,000 pledges. More than 500,000 has been raised in February alone for the space epic.

“The amount of support we are seeing from our fans is nothing short of amazing,” said Chris Roberts,. “Our backers are totally connecting with the development team and it just gets them so excited to come in to the office every day and work to make the next great space sim.

“Star Citizen will breathe new life into PC Games and the space sim genre and we encourage anyone out there who hasn’t registered for the game to visit our web site  and join the great community that we engage with daily while pursuing our goal of creating the best space sim on the market.”

There has been huge interest in the game since it was announced on Kickstarter back in October. Money has been rolling in through the official website proving that PC gamers are ready for a new epic space title that will push the boundaries of PC technology.

We’re certainly keen to see how the game pans out, and with the amount of money behind it, here’s hoping it will be something rather special.

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