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Shootmania and Trackmania 2 betas now available on Steam

27 Feb 2013 by Peter Parrish
Shootmania and Trackmania 2 betas now available on Steam

Trackmania 2 Stadium

From today, both : Stadium (pictured above) and Storm’s open betas can be downloaded and played through Steam. Ubisoft and Nadeo has announced that all games on the ‘Maniaplanet’ platform (Nadeo’s own little game ecosystem) will be available on Valve’s digital service.

“Through Steam, we’ll make ‘competition for everyone’ a dream come true for more gamers and map-and-mod makers who all create the user-generated content and activity that make ShootMania Storm so attractive and innovative on the FPS PC competitive field,” says Nadeo managing director Anne Blondel-Jouin.

Getting their games back on Steam (the original Trackmania titles are already there) seems like a smart move for Nadeo. Both Trackmania 2 and Shootmania Storm rely heavily on user contributions and a thriving community. Keeping them separate from the PC’s largest digital platform always seemed like an odd decision.

Shootmania Storm is currently in open beta, and will be released on 10 April.

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