Rescue 2013 – Everyday Heroes cuts through the smoke to reveal more details

4 Feb 2013  by   Peter Parrish
Rescue 2013
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Rescue 2013

Finnish developers Fragment Productions have shared a few more details about fire-station management sim Rescue 2013 – Everyday Heroes, a game that puts you in the big yellow wellies of a fire department chief. At the station you’ll be hiring, firing and maintaining the fleet of firefighting vehicles to make sure it doesn’t embarrass you by running out of water or foam at the scene of an accident.

But you’ll be getting out of the station too, accompanying your hand-picked team on rescue missions and co-ordinating their movements to effectively deal with the dangers you come across. Judging by the new screenshots released for the game, Rescue 2013 is more to do with plane crashes than helping kittens out of trees.

Each team member will have their own personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, which should add more depth to how you direct them in a crisis. Hopefully no-one is afraid of fire.

Rescue 2013 is due sometime between April and June this year.

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