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Archive for February 2013

Don’t forget to remember this Remember Me release date

Sure, the idea of hired agents who can steal or remix your memories seems intrusive and weird.

27 Feb 2013 | 1

Here’s how Will Wright played the new SimCity

Being able to rope in the creator of SimCity to help promote your new entry in the series is a bit of a PR coup for EA.

27 Feb 2013 | Comments Off

Hong Kong hot rod: Sleeping Dogs gets ‘Wheels of Fury’ DLC

Sleeping Dogs certainly does have a lot of DLC, doesn’t it?

27 Feb 2013 | Comments Off

Blacklight: Retribution Onslaught launches with silver crowbar and zombies

New content has landed for the free to play FPS Blacklight: Retribution bringing new maps, new modes, new weapons, and more.

27 Feb 2013 | Comments Off

IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #104

There comes a time in the life of every PC podcast when console news has to be addressed.

27 Feb 2013 | 2

Tomb Raider is reborn in video

Tomb Raider is due out next week and has so far as fared quite well in console review scores. 

27 Feb 2013 | Comments Off

Defiance goes competative in new trailer

The latest trailer to be releases for the MMO shooter Defiance from TRION focuses on the game’s competitive multiplayer.

27 Feb 2013 | Comments Off

Shootmania and Trackmania 2 betas now available on Steam

From today, both Trackmania 2: Stadium (pictured above) and Shootmania Storm’s open betas can be downloaded and played through Steam.

27 Feb 2013 | Comments Off

QuakeCon 2013 dates and location announced

Once again, QuakeCon will be returning to the Hilton Anatole hotel in Dallas, Texas.

26 Feb 2013 | Comments Off

Bloodier bowls: Blood Bowl II is a thing that is happening

That picture there confirms that Blood Bowl II is in the works.

26 Feb 2013 | Comments Off

Arma 3′s alpha to launch on Steam next week, at cheaper buy-in price

If you’re pretty damn certain that you’ll end up buying Arma 3, then you may wish to get in on an early, cheaper offer to buy the game in advance and hop into the alpha testing.

26 Feb 2013 | 1

ArenaNet removes Guild Wars 2 Paid Tournaments

In an effort to encourage highly competitive gameplay, a paid tournament system was added to Guild Wars 2 but now it is no longer required says ArenaNet.

26 Feb 2013 | Comments Off

Two new classes and more maps coming to FORGE

The FORGE v1.04 update was released this week bringing improved matchmaking features to the online PvP title, and Dark Vale have more in store in next couple of patches.

26 Feb 2013 | Comments Off

Spot Booker DeWitt to win a Bioshock Infinite Special Edition

With Bioshock Infinite’s release date now closing in, 2K are giving UK gamers the chance to win a Limited BioShock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition.

26 Feb 2013 | Comments Off

Guild Wars 2 Flame & Frost update hands-on

This weekend, we got a sneak peak at some of the exciting changes that are coming to Guild Wars 2 later this month in the Flame and Frost content update.

26 Feb 2013 | Comments Off

No connectivity between PC and Playstation Diablo 3 players

It would be rare in this day and age for PC and console gamers playing the same game to be able to connect up and play together and Blizzard has confirmed that this will not be possible in Diablo 3.

26 Feb 2013 | 1

Petroglyph reveal new WWII RTS Victory

This slipped under everyone’s radar, a new WWII RTS is in development at Petropglyph called Victory.

26 Feb 2013 | 1

See tomorrow’s Mass Effect 3 ‘Reckoning’ DLC, today

Q: What do Krogans use if they need to grow some extra hair in a hurry?

25 Feb 2013 | Comments Off

Forthcoming Natural Selection 2 update will be ‘Gorgeous,’ due on 28 Feb

Unknown Worlds has announced that the latest update for marines-vs-aliens, FPS/RTS-er Natural Selection 2 will be released on 28 February, for free.

25 Feb 2013 | Comments Off

New Command & Conquer shots show the Frostbite power

The Command & Conquer franchise is getting a reboot and here at IncGamers towers we are super excited at the prospect of the series returning.

25 Feb 2013 | 2