Off the leash: Watch Dogs open world gameplay

21 Feb 2013 by Peter Parrish
Off the leash: Watch Dogs open world gameplay

was a bit of a crowd favourite at E3 last year, but we haven’t seen much from the near-future open world title since then. Well, at today’s PS4 conference Ubisoft showed off a little more of the game. It’s not exactly clear if this demo was running on an actual PS4 or whether (like at E3) Ubi was just using a PC again. The game looks about the same as it did last year, if that’s any indication.

Either way, this game is indeed still coming to the PC.

Watch the new trailer below for a glimpse at the kind of “no set objective” open world gameplay that the game should have to offer. Turns out you can rob pro-life lobbyists with the power of your phone, save ladies from crime, track down the criminal and apprehend him vigilante-style, and then flee from the cops on a hijacked train. Nice.

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