Mercy killing: Resident Evil 6 shows off PC exclusive Mercenary mode

8 Feb 2013  by   Peter Parrish
Resident Evil 6 - No Mercy ModeResident Evil 6 - No Mercy Mode

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Resident Evil 6 - No Mercy Mode

As previously reported, the PC release of Resident Evil 6 is coming with a couple of extra perks. One of which is an exclusive “No Mercy” Mercenary mode.

If you’re curious about what that looks like in motion, prepare to have that curiosity soothed by moving images of a trailer-like nature. The newly released video below shows Leon dabbling the “No Mercy” mode, which seems to follow the classic Kung Fu movie rules of engagement; not too many enemies are allowed to attack the protagonist at once.

Resident Evil 6 will be arriving on PC after a hefty delay on 22 March.

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