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Meet the Wildstar Dominion faction and Stalker class

13 Feb 2013 by Paul Younger
Meet the Wildstar Dominion faction and Stalker classwildstar

Today brings another update as developer carbine reveals a new factions in the upcoming MMO, The Dominion and a new class called the Stalker.

The Dominion are an interstellar empire that rules the galaxy using military strength, religious fervour and advanced weaponry and technology. This rather ruthless faction will do anything to control the planet Nexus and character Malvolio Portius explains exactly who they are in this new video update.

It’s a double dose of Wildstar updates today as Carbine has also revealed a new class, the Stalker. This class is utilises stealth and technological abilities and is also silent assassin with excellent sneaking abilities.

Wildstar is scheduled for release this year and you can read more about today’s updates on the official blog.

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