Into the Dark with Eric Bane

14 Feb 2013 by Peter Parrish
Into the Dark with Eric BaneDARK


Velcome, my chyldren to the land of eterrrrnal night! Yep,  is a vampire game. The press releases keep insisting it should be called DARK, but since it looks like a title with stealth elements shouting the name like that seems counter-productive. Dark it shall remain.

In this new trailer, put out by the twin development and publishing forces of Realmforge and Kalypso, we meet protagonist Eric Bane. He’s just been turned into a vampire, but appears to be adapting to it fairly well. If being a vampire mostly means sneaking up on and murdering security personnel (which I’m fairly sure it does.)

At one stage this game was due out, well, tomorrow. It’s now scheduled for somewhere between March and May.

Slap on too much eyeliner and relive some 90s goth music with this expository trailer.

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