IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #103

20 Feb 2013 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #103podcast 103

podcast 103

The team are trapped inside a makeshift space vessel, stalked by a terrible game: Aliens: Colonial Marines. What the heck went wrong? If another decent Aliens game were to be made, what would we want it to look like? And does this entire ‘fake demo’ debacle mean the games industry should reassess preview events?

That’s not all, however. Fantastic games based around spaceships and deadly creatures still exist; they’re just from 1999 and named System Shock 2. We celebrate the re-release of this enduring classic.

Bungie finally revealed Destiny to the world this weekend, but remain kind of coy about a PC version. What’s all that about, then? Meanwhile, Gas Powered Games were snapped up by Wargaming, and Tribes: Ascend has introduced a ‘pay to unlock everything in the game’ edition.

Tim reveals how many times Dead Space 3 made him afraid (spoiler: not too many,) and we all discuss whether Impire should’ve just given in and gone full-on Dungeon Keeper.

If you’re wondering about the Gamasutra article Paul mentions, it’s this piece by Leigh Alexander on the nature of game previews. Tim’s favourite Aliens: Colonial Marines moment, also referenced in the pod, is this, all-singing, all-dancing video clip.

Enjoy it all below, in the fantabulous Podcast. Visual and audio-only options are both available to you. iTunes has a bunch more audio episodes and you can also watch previous episodes.

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