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IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #102

13 Feb 2013 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #102IncGamers Vidcast

IncGamers Vidcast

How do you run a successful Kickstarter? Our podcast aims to find out, as we assess the contrasting fortunes of Gas Powered Games’ cancelled Wildman campaign and the so-close-we-can-pretty-much-call-it success of Dreamfall Chapters. In the process, Tim embarks on some impromptu therapy sessions.

Outside of Kickstarter, the traditional publishing models rumble on in much the same fashion. Ubisoft confirms a new Assassin’s Creed (to the surprise of no-one,) Warner Bros. hints at a new Batman Arkham Something game and Blizzard claims to be “aggressively” supporting Diablo 3. Paul has his doubts about that latter one.

Between us this week we’ve been playing The Showdown Effect, Special Forces: Team X and more Path of Exile.

PR blunder of the week goes either to EA (for sending a super-late boxed copy of Dead Space 3 … with an Origin code inside,) or to SEGA for failing to provide any Aliens: Colonial Marines code at all. Although given the game’s reception, maybe that was a blessing in disguise.

Listen or view the podcast below, or head to iTunes for some recent episodes and to discover why one reviewer has (accurately) dubbed us “a trio of bitter-sounding british men.”

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