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Forthcoming Natural Selection 2 update will be ‘Gorgeous,’ due on 28 Feb

25 Feb 2013 by Peter Parrish
Forthcoming Natural Selection 2 update will be ‘Gorgeous,’ due on 28 Feb

Natural Selection 2

Unknown Worlds has announced that the latest update for marines-vs-aliens, FPS/RTS-er will be released on 28 February, for free. Dubbed ‘Gorgeous’ (how delightful,) it will include Railguns, Gorge Tunnels, Descent and “quite a few fun surprises.”

As is befitting an updated called ‘Gorgeous,’ the game’s Spark Engine is said to have had a few tweaks. According to Unknown Worlds, this means it’s “running ever faster as it is tuned for more performance.” All the better for massacring your hapless foes.

The developers have even gone so far as to outline their philosophy behind making this update free.

These days, it is rare for PC games to receive ‘expansion’ style content updates for free. ‘Season Passes,’ ‘Map-Packs,’ and ‘DLC’ are the norm. We’re proud that Gorgeous is breaking the norm.

Couldn’t agree more.


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