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Bloodier bowls: Blood Bowl II is a thing that is happening

26 Feb 2013 by Peter Parrish
Bloodier bowls: Blood Bowl II is a thing that is happening

Blood Bowl II

That picture there confirms that Blood Bowl II is in the works. It was tweeted out of the tweet machine by publisher Focus Home Interactive (who also published the previous Blood Bowl and its seventy nine million follow-up expansions.)

Further tweetage from Focus director general C├ędric Lagarrigue suggests that this game has already been in development for around six months and is due in 2014.

That’s … about all we know. No word on whether Cyanide will be handling development duties again.

So, here’s what I’d love to see in a proper Blood Bowl sequel:

  • All of the teams available from the outset. No Blood Bowl II: Halfling Edition nonsense.
  • Fix the skills which still function incorrectly.
  • Implement a proper tutorial so people new to the game can actually learn how to play it (perhaps the trickiest one; it’s always easiest to learn the game from an actual human person.)
  • Create an AI that can actually figure out that if it’s 1-0 down on the final turn, it should probably try for a touchdown rather than caging up for the seventh time this half.
  • A wide range of multiplayer options that will allow league creators to set up the league exactly how they wish.
  • An improved UI.
  • Just axe the stupid ‘real time’ mode already.
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