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Warren Spector keeping future plans close to his chest

30 Jan 2013 by Peter Parrish
Warren Spector keeping future plans close to his chest

Warren Spector

Posting on his Facebook page, expresses sadness at the closure of Junction Point (the studio he co-founded in 2004) and pride in the work achieved there. “To all those who’ve asked, or want to ask, I’m sad but excited for the future,” he writes.

That future is something of a mystery at this point, and Spector isn’t in a hurry to reveal any plans he might have. The bulk of his post is a tribute to Disney (a company and ethos he clearly still holds in very high regard,) as statements like “I’ve gotten to know Disney fans and Disney cast members, gotten hands on with Disney’s history, walked where Walt walked… “Magical” really is the only word” make clear.

He’s also extremely pleased to have restored Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to “a place of prominence.”

Whatever comes next for Spector (best known in PC circles for his role in creating the original Deus Ex,) he’s not exactly eager to talk about it. The Facebook post makes it plain that he won’t be entertaining any press queries for a while.

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