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TERA goes free to play in Europe next month

9 Jan 2013 by Paul Younger
TERA goes free to play in Europe next monthTERA


Gameforge has today announced that their MMO TERA will be going free to play from February 2013. EnMasse in the US will also be moving the game over to a free to play model at the same time.

The move was announced last month by developer Bluehole Studio with a three ways to play, the free user, the veteran user and the Club.

Gamers who wish to play for free will get access to all of TERA’s content including races, classes, instances, equipment items and player versus player content and the political system. Restrictions will come into play on features such as character slots and safe deposits.

Gamers who purchased TERA will be automatically ranked as Veterans and will have access to all the game’s features including the 8 character slots, all safe deposit slots and a special in-game title.

In addition to this, there is also the TERA Club which is a subscription system similar to what is currently in place for subscribers. Members of the club will gain extras bonuses such as shorter cooldown times on instances, increased experience and epic mount.

To get the free to play version off to a good start next month, a new dungeon and arena is being added for 3v3 battles.

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