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Ron Gilbert’s The Cave emerges into the light next week

15 Jan 2013 by Peter Parrish
Ron Gilbert’s The Cave emerges into the light next week

The Cave (2)

2013 seems likely to bestow not one, but two, Double Fine adventure titles upon us. Happy times. While the Kickstarted Double Fine Adventure may well take its time to arrive, Ron Gilbert’s Sega-published is going to leave its dark non-released confines next week, on 23 January. It even has a price: $15 USD.

In it, you’ll choose three of seven characters (kind of like Maniac Mansion, back in the day) and attempt to guide them on a journey of destiny, discovery and probably puzzles and stuff. Where will you be guiding them? Why, into the titular Cave of course. Then you can try to do it again, with the ones you cruelly ignored last time.

Here’s a recent trailer that introduces some of the playable adventurers.

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