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Neverwinter has some beta weekend dates for your diary

30 Jan 2013 by Peter Parrish
Neverwinter has some beta weekend dates for your diary


Perfect World and Cryptic have settled on some forthcoming beta weekend for the D&D flavoured MMO, . Each session will give selected players 60 hours of access to the game, prior to its official launch later this year.

Those dates to note are: 8-10 February, 8-10 March and 22-24 March. To stand a chance of being present in the those betas, you’ll want to head over to the beta sign-up page.

But wait, there’s another way that can guarantee your beta access. Unsurprisingly, it involves paying some money.

Three ‘founder’s packs’ are on offer, each of which will give beta access. There’s the $20 USD ‘Neverwinter Starter Kit,’ the $60 USD ‘Guardian of Neverwinter‘ set and the I’m-so-rich-I-have-$200-USD-to-splash-on-an-untest-MMO option, ‘Hero of the North.’ You can see what’s in each of those bundles by heading here.

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