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Major Warframe update adds new environment, ‘frames and moves

30 Jan 2013 by Peter Parrish
Major Warframe update adds new environment, ‘frames and moves

Digital Extremes has issued a new update for the closed beta, featuring a whole new environment to fight in, a pair of additional Warframes to control and some fresh moves to master.

“The main thing people have been clamouring for is a new set of levels to play in,” Digital Extremes’ Steve Sinclair told me when I asked what was in this latest update.

“What we’re adding is a Grineer mining base set to give people, basically, more environments to liven up the game again … [But] the really cool thing in this update is ziplining and wall-running, which really changes up the way that you play the game.”

Alongside those additions are two new Warframes, Nyx and Frost (pictured below.)


“We have a female Warframe [Nyx] that has some interesting psychic attacks. She can turn the enemies on each other, which is really surprisingly fun,” Sinclair says.

As the name suggests, Frost is an ice-based ‘frame that, according to Sinclair, “gives you that classic Zelda-esque or Goron-esque line attack where it does freezing and creates icicles and stuff, as well as freezing and crowd-control powers.”

Looking ahead, the Digital Extremes team have plans for regular updates and the implementation of a lore system.

“We’re looking at new weapons, on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule,” Sinclair says. “Trying to do new environments monthly. But also we’re trying to grow the systems of the game every time, so not this update but the one following, we’ll introduce a lore system and there’ll be some gameplay around that, and some new types of collection mechanics.”

The full interview with Steve Sinclair will be up later today on IncGamers. It goes into Warframe’s early development, Digital Extremes’ experiences with the free-to-play market and how ‘Frost’ got his name.




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