In the Navy: Ghost Recon Online’s 0.10.0 update goes live

23 Jan 2013  by   Peter Parrish
Ghost Recon Online
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Ghost Recon Online

If you’re going to be in Tom Clancy’s elite squad of Ghost Recon Online players, then you need to dress ship-shape. That’s the thinking behind the release of a new ‘Triton’ pack featuring new, navy-based helmets, armour vests and weapons upgrades (available for a limited time through January.)

It’s part of the game’s 0.10.0 update, which also brings a submarine-themed map in the form of the Balaklava Sub Pen. Not quite enough for you to live out your Hunt For Red October fantasies, perhaps, but not bad.

That map has been specifically designed for a new game mode (Holdout,) where both teams struggle for a single capture point at the center of the map.

One of Tim’s main quibbles with the title was its lack of variety, so these bits and pieces should help to address that.

A new trailer is available for your ghostly viewing pleasure, below.

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