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Archive for 17 January 2013

Steam Guides launch

Steam has expanded again today with the addition of Steam Guides.

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Ocean Quigley shares some SimCity colour filters

Ocean Quigley, a man with an almost impossibly good name, wants you to know about SimCity’s in-game colour filters.

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Pondsmith ponders: Cyberpunk creator reflects on working with CD Projekt

Last week’s Cyberpunk 2077 trailer set the fuse on some alarmingly early (the game isn’t due until 2015) hype.

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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed gets special PC characters

It’s no big shock to learn that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will feature a few of the Team Fortress 2 characters (the Pyro, Heavy and Scout.) After all, Valve seems only too happy to roll those guys out when a Steam game needs a bit of an extra sales boost on PC.

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Game Director Jay Wilson leaves Diablo 3

Some pretty startling news from Blizzard this evening as Diablo 3 Game director, Jay Wilson, leaves his position.

17 Jan 2013 | 3

The Showdown Effect shares some movie clichés

Arrowhead’s The Showdown Effect isn’t holding back on the action movie theme.

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Positech elects Democracy 3 as its next project

My gaming life hasn’t brought me in contact with either Democracy or Democracy 2, but the idea of a deep, political simulator intrigues me so I’ll be keeping an eye on developments with Positech’s Democracy 3.

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Far Cry 3′s ‘Insane Edition’ spills over into stand-alone DLC pack

Are you looking at your copy of Far Cry 3 and thinking it’s a bit light around the waist?

17 Jan 2013 | 2

Path of Exile open beta trailed in video

It’s going to be a big day for Grinding Gear Games on 23 January when they invite the masses to join their ARPG Path of Exile.

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Angelic tidings: Max Payne 3′s ‘Made in Heaven’ DLC due this month

The final piece of Max Payne 3 DLC will be with you on 22 January, priced at £7.29 GBP.

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AION v3.5 released in Europe

Gameforge has pushed live the v3.5 update for AION which adds new content to the MMO.

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Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt review

I finally hit level 50.
It took me awhile. Borderlands 2 came out four months ago (a lengthy stint, in this now-obsessed industry) and I have apparently played it for 86 hours, which – depressingly – may well be more time than I’ve spent savouring chocolate in my entire life.

17 Jan 2013 | 1

Trials Evolution Gold tumbles off its seat and onto your PC, March 22

Its been slightly annoying, hasn’t it, watching Trials Evolution get all those plaudits on Xbox Live when the whole Trials thing started on PC.

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Level cap increase for Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 players will likely be getting stuck into the new DLC today, Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, but there’s some more good news from Gearbox’ James Lopez with regards to future updates.

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Bethesda has registered a trademark for a Fallout TV series

A wily sleuth on the Bethesda forum by the name of ‘Conor Murton’ (who is sadly not being credited in a lot of stories about this) has uncovered a trademark application that more than likely solves the mystery of Erik Dellum’s tweets earlier in the year.

17 Jan 2013 | 1