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Archive for 16 January 2013

IncGamers Plays Warframe

This week Peter, Tim and Paul have been getting stuck into Digital Extremes’ upcoming free to play action/shooter/RPG Warframe which is currently in closed beta testing.

16 Jan 2013 | 2

US Center for Disease Control to research effects of violent media

As part of President Obama’s legislative drive to curb gun violence in the US, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has been given a brief to investigate causes and prevention.

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Splinter Cell: Blacklist will leave its cover in August

Ubisoft has announced that Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the latest in the Tom Clancy-driven series, will be released on 20 August.

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Prophet pretty much wants to marry his gun in this Crysis 3 ‘Wonders’ trailer

This fourth installment of the Crysis 3 ‘Seven Wonders’ series walks a fine line between exposition and erotica.

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Feeding the troops in Paradox’s March of the Eagles

There aren’t many game companies out there with enough of a budget to make trailers, but an obscure enough focus to ensure that some of those trailers are about supply lines.

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Expeditions: Conquistador plans a late February voyage

The successfully Kickstarter-funded Expeditions: Conquistador will be getting a 28 February release.

16 Jan 2013 | 1

Chinese tanks roll out in World of Tanks 8.3

The Chinese have arrived in World of Tanks bringing more heavy armour to the tank title.

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Strike Suit Zero releases a day early

It’s not often these days you hear of games releasing early but Born Ready Games are doing exactly that with Strike Suit Zero.

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IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #98

The IncGamers invitation to appear at Joe Biden’s US panel hearing about gun violence as a representative of the videogame industry was apparently lost in the post, so the team has to resort to discussing it on the podcast instead.

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Deep Silver reveals special edition of Dead Island Riptide, then apologises

Earlier today, Deep Silver revealed a special ‘Zombie Bait’ edition of Dead Island: Riptide for sale in Europe and Australia.

16 Jan 2013 | 1