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Archive for 15 January 2013

ArenaNet outlines the future for Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet’s Colin Johanson has put himself at serious risk of repetitive strain injury by penning a gigantic update about the direction Guild Wars 2 will be taking throughout 2013.

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Dustforce devs reveal Spire, a skillful, exploratory FPS

Remember Dustforce? It was Hitbox Team’s take on a score-attack platformer, in which you took control of various nimble janitors and had to ‘sweep up’ all the collectible bits of detritus on a given level.

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Shades of Darkness trailer shares history of Might and Magic’s Dark Elves

Are you ready to take command of a rebellious group of Dark Elves in the forthcoming ‘Shades of Darkness’ add-on for Might and Magic Heroes VI?

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Bohemia Interactive employees released from Greek prison on bail

Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar (pictured, right), the two Bohemia Interactive developers arrested in September on suspicion of espionage, have been released from Greek prison on bail and may now return home to the Czech Republic.

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Ron Gilbert’s The Cave emerges into the light next week

2013 seems likely to bestow not one, but two, Double Fine adventure titles upon us.

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